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The Believer magazine, Kenneth Goldsmith talks to Margaux Williamson, 'This flat-screen world', New York

Lemon Hound 'Short Take on Margaux Williamson', Montreal

3:AM Magazine 'talking to all the smartest people in the world', London

The Huffington Post 'I Could See Everything: Margaux Williamson', New York

Cleaver Magazine 'I Could See Everything: The paintings of Margaux Williamson', Philadelphia

The Cut, New York Magazine 'Margaux Williamson’s Paintings for an Imaginary Museum ', New York

Vogue 'Margaux Williamson Imagines Her Paintings in a Museum at the Top of the World', New York

Globe & Mail feature on Margaux Williamson "The Artist is Present"

Interview with Ana Cecilia Alvarez at Adult Mag

The Capilano Review 'I Could See Everything', a selection of paintings and studies, Vancouver

Interview with Megan McConald Walsh at Bomb magazine

David Balzer for Toronto Life Magazine. "Real life, then, is Williamson’s new fantasy—and it’s a boisterous, awkward and utterly charmed trip."

Canadian Art Magazine "Somehow, by lurking in her secret world long enough, Williamson has learned to speak broadly, to master the delicate art of magnanimity."

Toronto's Eye Weekly. "Williamson is not confessing anything, or merely out to entertain herself. It's as if she's trying to turn her experiences into symbols, or allegories, and see if they mean anything; or, rather, it's as if she's trying to get us to see what she's been seeing all along."

The Artfag "..simply put, Ms Williamson leads quite the backwoods tour, and the pleasures gained from braving it are rare and marvelous."

Lynn Crosibe at the Globe & Mail "..the Canadian film critic I like the best, Margaux Williamson, whose blog, Movie is My Favourite Word, always explains the way in which the movie was screened and viewed by this generous, poetic theorist "

Toronto Star "(Williamson) is surprisingly successful at distilling the essence of the play into a fresh and audacious form." - Teenager Hamlet

NOW Magazine (Toronto) "Odd and intriguing" - Teenager Hamlet

Eye Weekly "Williamson’s playful, inventive and refreshing exploration of the ideas posed by Shakespeare’s most popular play presents a surreal counterpoint to the glamour of the mainstream movie industry." - Teenager Hamlet

New York Times Magazine "I knew the year was going to be full of moments of happy absurdity.." - dancing to the end of poverty

Sarah Liss at CBC "What's really neat about this video is the fact that it illustrates the beauty of true collaboration -- though the Tomboyfriend tune was written and recorded long before Williamson made her montage, the combination of the two is brilliant." - dancing to the end of poverty

Madrid's Playground Magazine "Finally, a generation using Youtube the way God intended." - dancing to the end of poverty